First of all let me thank all our professional team that made this group as what it is now. I believe that quality, time and price are the major keys in any business sector. In our previous projects, we accomplished the main three keys successfully, and our group will continue its stable growth through continuous research and development.

At our group, we value leadership, innovation and demand business excellence. We are commited to attracting and retaining the best talent in our industry and offer many avenues for employee development and growth. Whether through individual development or team building, empowering people to grow is one of the cornerstones of our company’s success, making our group the best place to work in and work with.

Managing Director

We, at Technology Boulevard GT, is committed to source and supply of lighting. WTPS and green environment products and providing services in the field of MEP works to clients unique needs in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Our objective is to provide a quality safety, health and environmental management system for the workplace.

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Technology Boulevard GT Sdn Bhd’s culture is one of our strongest competitive differentiators. Providing the right work environment for our team members will build high morale, the most essential element needed to provide industry-leading customer service that is highly valued and immediately recognized by our customers.

Excellent service leads to customer loyalty and revenue  owth, resulting in strong financial results. These strong financial  esults enable Technology Boulevard GT Sdn Bhd to provide superior resources for our team members, such as equipment and training, as well as enhanced career opportunities for them.

A wide range of skills and experience from all over the world means the team at Technology Boulevard GT Sdn Bhd Company provides clients with comprehensive expertise and knowledge.


Our team core values guided them to always deliver exceptional results to our clients and community.

They are a sincere team with a straightforward vision, hard at work helping Technology Boulevard GT Sdn Bhd group of companies get the most out of their businesses.

We have had an amazing journey coming to where we are today and now feel confident that we can provide you profession

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